Did Stegod get smacked down TOO hard

Its too soon… I know… And I know I may get people with flaming torches chasing me for this but I think the hammer came down too hard on Stegod. I dont have an over leveled Steg either, mines 21 and most of my team is 22 so hear me out. Trago has a counter atk, higher speed and higher armor plus a shield that takes no dmg for 2 turns instead of half. They both have rampage and trago has a stun. The nerf to SS left stegod much more vulnerable than before. Im not suggesting it get APR back but API would have balanced it better than rampage as well as giving it a slightly different role to fill than trago. Just a thought but IMHO it went from OP to one of the worst legendary Dinos.


I dont think she did. But if you replace Stegodeus in the thread title with Monomimus, then I would have to agree with ya.


Stugodeus is fine.

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Its perfect how it is. Mine level 25 still is very effective.


Stegod is still VERY active in the arena, if you scroll through teams, almost everyone is still using their Stegod.

Prolly because it was so easy to level and so effective in the last few metas. :slight_smile:

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I personally don’t like it anymore and have benched it, but I have come up against several and sometimes they get you, sometimes you get them … not so all purpose but still brutally effective at times. Nicely balanced I would say.

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it still wrecks certain things, but things that it should.
but it loses now to things that it should, like tryk, etc.


It’s still a tank and it still absorbs hits like no other. Even bleeders need 2-3 turns to bring it down.


Careful peeps … we’re close to agreeing Ludia did good :scream:


I still have it on my team, never took it off. It is still a very functional opponent, if used correctly. It is just not an all-purpose Dino now, it has its place in the system. There are lots of squishy Dino’s in the meta and it slams them.

Stegods prolly perfectly balanced now… so yeah Ludia did just fine with this

He can no longer be used as an overleved crutch though.

Yes, Stegod is much better balanced. That health though… sometimes I cringe when I see that 5k health bar coming at me and my bleeders got benched by RNG…

It’s all good though.

6500 stegod :ok_hand::muscle:

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He still good vs things whit no armor, shields and at least doing decent dmg in turn 1 whit rampage to tank busters

He counters everything he’s supposed to. Still great team member no issues here. Just don’t lead with anymore as he’s no longer an all rounder.

Still good, not great.
My coach benched him.

I still use Stegadeus, I think it’s pretty balance. But Tragodist, that thing does too much damage. Not sure why they buffed it’s damage, it was fine before the patch with it’s stun, rampage, and long invinc.

That was my point honestly. Trago is now significantly better than Stegod. API reduces Stegods overall dmg potential but gives it a nod against other tanks

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he does well. i like having rampage ready asap. no more ss game which was stupid… i rarely use that move now.

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now irex gets hit with 2 rampage and a shield… i love it.