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Did the last update change the Brawl speed up buff?

It looks like when a dragon uses the ‘speed up’ buff in brawl it now gets an immediate second attack. is that the intended behaviour? It makes a big difference to the outcome.

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@bilkie to confirm, we did not make any changes to Brawl.

I have forwarded your feedback with our team and they will look into it to see if this is a new bug. Thanks for bringing this up!


I suspect you just got unlucky with your opponent’s initiative just behind your own such that the buff flipped it around. This happens sometimes, for example I’ve had opponents get two attacks in a row even without buffs.

(That said, there is an existing problem where the ‘upcoming turns’ isn’t always accurate. Come to think of it, I wonder if that only shows the first upcoming turn for each dragon and then repeats the entire sequence.)

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You could be right, but I reported it as a problem because it happened three times in close succession. But I’ve also noticed that some times the attack animations of some dragons don’t run resulting in what appears like instantaneous successive attacks.

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