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Did The Local Zones Just Swap Back?

I used to be Local 3 before the 2.0 patch and I was getting very bored of hunting in my own zone. So much that I barely did any hunting. We had been asking for local zone swaps for 2 years to keep the game fresh for everyone and then they finally did it 2.0. Local 3 was now Local 2 and I hunted more than ever.

Woke up this morning and popped a Giga scent. Edmonto greeted me.

Did they swap them back? Was the whole amazing local zone swap an error?
In any case, I truly wish they would return them to the 2.0 patch way. If not, I’m honestly going to lose so much interest in the game if they give us back what we’ve been seeing for +2 years in our local zones(yes some creatures have moved around here and there but still).


Yeah, just noticed my spawn changed too. I was in an area that got both spawn 2 & 4, now I’m seeing 1 & 3. I know before the update it was spawn 1 & 3 also.

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I will prefer they rotate the zone every 2 week

Before Update 2.0 i always was in 2.
After Update 2.0 it was 1 until today, now I am back in 2.

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Changed to zone 4, which I didn’t have before 2.0 but it contains the same trash spawns. I don’t want another 1,5 years of darting Monolophosaurus/Parasaurolophus.:frowning:
They also removed a drop I’d gained with 2.0…

Maybe they are going to rotate every month, which would be the coolest thing ever


Was looking forward to some Bary Gen 2 this morning, found Edmonto instead.

Same here. Went 2 to 1, now back to 2.

Yeah I went from 2 to 1 now back to 2. Was quite happy seeing a Mammoth spawn from my giga scent.

If they are now rotating on a monthly basis (assuming that’s what’s happening) I think that’s good and fair.


I’ve gone back to L2

It’s exactly 2 weeks after the update. Here’s hoping that spawns will change every 2 weeks and it’s not just another bug


So some people are saying they have local spawns from the new local they moved to, but giga scents are spawning their previous local creatures.

I can’t comment on that myself because my giga spawns my old local 2 creatures, but other natural spawns around me are all global spawns, no local spawns right now.

Same here, I was L3 for the last 2 years, and was so happy to change to L2 after the update, now I’m back in L3, where I have maxed out everything I need - I guess I won’t be darting much until it changes again.

I hope it’ll cycle now, as another member suggested! We’ve been asking for that for a long time now.

I’ve also written to support in the hopes of getting an official statement about this; how often it will change, or if it was just a bug, or whatever…

This is what I can now confirm.

This morning I have seen creatures from both L1 and L2 spawn wild, and only L2 from Giga scents.

So even more confusing. I’m meant to be L1 post-2.0 and L2 pre-2.0.

Funny thing is that my local spawned Bary and Pyro this morning, but I can still see inostrancevia and miragaia plaguing the map, but they are local 1, did they merge?? :joy:

Ok so it turns out, from other sources, if you clear game cache your wild spawns appear to revert to your OLD local.

except I didn’t clear anything so… I guess the game did change stuff. I hope it’s a migration.

That doesn’t mean much without context. What are you experiencing from wild spawns and from scents?

Scents and environment are giving me these:

Before the change time, my scents and environment would give me these:

Local 4 was my pre-2.0 local.

Suddenly, a wild Deinocheirus spawned nearby. I guess they somehow got mixed. I saw a parasaurolophus near there just a few minutes ago.

I’ve got the exact same zoneswitch. Zone 3 is what I should be getting, Zone 4 is what I am getting.

I’m wondering if the reason I saw parasaurolophus there (as well as Ouranosaurus) is because they’re hadrosaurs and that there is counted as an atm. Which might explain why it seems as if environment is zone 4. Might indeed be just scents giving me zone 4 stuff. I’ll try clearing cache to see what happens.

EDIT: Cleared cache. Now I’m seeing this: