Did the map just update?

Suddenly the parking lot outside my office which has always just been a blank spot on the map popped into existence with the rows shown as streets in jwa.

Spun the map around and in the general area I noticed that the roads are more accurate around businesses now. Multiple parking lots are showing up as roads.

Either this is new or the game has never loaded right for me… (please be nice if it turns out that I’m just a crazy person)

this is what the parking lot used to look like.

And this is it now.

Our garage showed up on the map a couple of weeks ago. Thought I was crazy and couldn’t remember if it was there before!

Yep noticed a lot more map details.

I keep getting update messages.coyld be as Google maps redo areas

Last night my dad and I went to Burger King and its very close to a mall. I opened up the game to see what was around, and, I saw like 100 black lines across the ground, and i realized that it was the layout of the parking lot. I definitely never noticed that before, and when we drove around there was a lot of other parking lots showing up on the map. So, did the game have a small update? So far nothing else is different