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Did they buff the carbonemys spawn rate?

For almost 4 days straight i found at least 1 and on a lucky day 2 carbonemys

It’s the Hybrid Pursuit, they’re popping up more because of it.

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ha i see… no wonder then

If you see something like this in the future, you can check the news in app and it will usually show you.

haha yea, sorry i don;t check the news soo often

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I’ve only found 2 all week. :-/

I’ve only found 1 :sob:

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I’ve found 8 this week in the same spot each time.

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Nope they’ve definitely not buffed it in my area for the Pursuit, as per usual I have found a big fat zero.

Was able at least see three.

Sweet!!! I found one so far, so I think I should go and walk the same rout again today.

I’ve been averaging two per day, with some days as high as eight if I’m traveling long distances.

Found two this week. One yesterday and one today.
The second one spawned exactly in the same place as my very first one but at a different time of day.