Did they change matchmaking a bit?

Or have I just broken through the crappy zone and made it to the rarified air?

My highest score was 5502. I had one battle in the gyrosphere Depot, but had my butt handed to me. After that I bounced between 5100 and 5400.

Yesterday I topped my high score, and haven’t stopped. I’ve now been up around 5700 all day. Out of those battles all but maybe two were against quite weaker teams, and only two were against teams like I USED to face when I was 400 trophies lower.

This matchmaking is like the twilight zone or something. Nothing makes sense. At 5300 I would face teams with several L30’s. Now? Haven’t really seen any?

That being said… It’s been nice to win and climb for once.


I had this happen to me a few days ago, you’ll go up and enjoy it, but then it’s a hard crash down afterwards


I also noticed a change. The last couple of days the teams seemed evenly matched and I would face a boosted dino maybe once every 5 battles. Today I battled teams that had all their dinos boosted. Nearly gave up on my daily incubator.

I’m at a relative low. After sneaking into Lockwood Library briefly, I’ve been bouncing around n Aviary between 4700 and 4900. Yesterday and today I’ve lost many battles and nearly dropped down into Lockwood Estate.

I’m at 5100-5300 for a long time, long before boost.

My team level is 25-26. Most of the time I’m up against team level 26-28 and many single 29-30 dinos. Boosts are quite similar. I’m NEVER up against lower teams.

Somehow I manage about 50% wins, but have to work very hard for it, and the match-up’s are highly unfair. No changes for me recently.


I additionally saw a change. The most recent few days the groups appeared to be equally coordinated and I would confront a helped dino perhaps once every 5 fights.

Did not see any change at all. The matchmaking is pure BS.

I can’t climb for some reason but some do for no reason.

But yeah everything is perfectly fine between those two teams and their ranking :ok_hand:


Agreed, everything above is fine.

Just fought a player in top 10; who have 4x level 30 but few are level 25 and 26 … 600+ trophies higher than me.

I beat him and still earned 25 trophies, just because he is running few low level Dinos compare to mine. How this in fair? @Ned @Ludia_Developers @J.C

Also he should not be there in top 10 with the low level team; but seems like making use of Ludia’s crappy matchmaking in his favour.

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Yes that’s unbelievably bad designed… I finished every season in top 50 (except the first one) and this one I just slowly climb down out of the top 200 :joy::joy:


The current matchmaking is Ludias idea of balance, let me explain -

One player wins
Other player loses


The actual code behind it don’t matter, but to put it simply it makes it so one player has virtually a certainty to win, while the other is massively weaker and assured to lose!
The winner says “YES all these boosts I bought are working! Must buy MORE BOOSTS!”
The loser says “DAMN why is my team so weak! Must buy MORE BOOSTS!”

Ludia says “Checkmate!”


Correct; now I am thinking you work for Ludia (as aware of all of their approach) :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I worked for ludia the game wouldn’t be such a toxic dump currently haha!

And is listen to the community :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and there would be a new mini-game where you get to torture DracoRat haha!

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I would love to play that … And actually DracoRat should be max level and maxed boosted one :slight_smile:

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Maybe have it so you play as a max boosted Thor and have 100% crit chance, and you smash the Rat and when it dies it instantly is replaced with another one, so you can do it over and over till you are on cloud nine ^_^.

Ohhh the things I do in my mind to that rat lol.

If the mods knew what I do to rat in my mind when I see it swap in and steal the win, they would probably give me life in the electric chair :slight_smile:

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I thought that yesterday as I climbed to my highest score this season in mid Lockwood Library; today, lost over 300 trophies and back in Aviary having faced wave after wave of L30 boosted Thors and Dracos :frowning:

I don’t see any difference… still facing level 28’s and 29’s with a 25-26 team… The fact that I’m at a higher trophy count and highest score than you Tuco and PQC shows how wrong this crap is…


I’m so sick of fighting level 30 Thors with my level 25-26 team. Happens A LOT. Why, why, why am I ALWAYS up against higher level teams???

@Ludia_Developers The match making is crap, and you know it. Why don’t you do something? It’s easy. Just roll back to 1.6 or whatever. At least it was less crappy than current.

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