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Did they manipulate fuses?

…or am I the only one whose multifuses has gotten way worse than when they were introduced.
Few weeks ago I received fuses with an average of ~22. The last days I got way worse fuses with averages of ~12. Am I the only one?

Of course I get the worst multifuses when I‘m fusing hard-to-grind-DNA hybrids or hybrids I need for battle.


I got a 60 fusing indo yesterday and a 50 on smiloemys today. For what it is worth.

No, they didn’t.

No, but fusing for Gemini is a nightmare. 10s! 10s all over! Was surprised to get stuff above 20 twice, but then it will just be more 10s. Meanwhile, Erlidom’s like “Instant chicken, just add water.”


All week for me has been nothing but 10s. Dilophoboa has been nothing but 10s, 3 tens on nemys, 10 on tryko, 10 on gemini, 10s on filler stuff, my average this week if i had to guess would be somewhere between 11 and 14 so far. Hoping for some better luck

Using Multi fusion, I almost always get an average of 20-25. When fusing without, I’m almost guaranteed straight 10s.

I’m tempted to link the article every time a post like this comes up :joy:


I tend to single fuse and get much more than when using multi fuse.

I’m not having a problem with it. It’s usually 20 or 30 average on multifusing.
Also I just noticed that I did 50 fuses on that screen and it gave me a bunch of 50’s :sunglasses:


Ok, then it really is just me.
Just got a 70 on multifuse. I‘m so frakking frustrated atm.l

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Multfuse has been so bad to me lately

Multi fusing seems to work way better for me than single fuses for some reason. Maybe just lucky.

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I did 3 250 Multifuses for Majundasuchus, got many 50, 70 and 60s. That makes sense though. Majundasuchus ain’t the most powerful hybrid, so it has a better fuse table.


Nope. Depends on luck and the fairy godmother.

Sometimes you hit the jackpot and other times you hit…

Definitely noticed that rare fuses have more payout

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When you do a high number of multi fuses, it does not show every roll that was made, only the highest rolls are shown on the screen. So for a 50 roll multi fusion you will only see about 20 results pop up and they are all the higher results (all 50 rolls do count even if they don’t show on the screen).

Certain creatures are bad for fuses… Magnapyritor, Geminititan, and the below Monolorhino and I hear this one isn’t great but I’m getting it anyway. All I’ve ever gotten on this thing has been 10’s and 20’s. I should get this thing in a couple days finally.

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No, fuses are not rigged.

So startet fusing Entelemoth and all 8 fuses were 10s. Awesome.
Then fused Carnotarkus and got 40 40 50 on a hybrid I don‘t use. :ok_hand:t2:

Seriously I believe in conspiracy theories and rigged fuses from now on.
Three frakking days of fipsing and grinding and then this crap. How long will it take me to get the unique one? Three months??? When the next update airs?

Gosh I‘m so frakking angry and frustrated now. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Ugh why Ludia why. Why do u hate those that won‘t pay money. Just sell JWA to a company that actually cares for their community while also earning enough money to live.