Did they reduce DNA hunting time/Battery life for VIP?


I feel like the time to get DNA has gone down considerably over the last week, perhaps after a recent update? I’m VIP, and I’ve noticed time across the board go down. Am I the only one? I’m about to unsubscribe as VIP as this no longer seems like a benefit.


It seems the same for me. My DNA collection is matched up with what it was before in terms of average collected so I don’t think it’s changed. Which device are you using? I’m just wondering if maybe a glitch was corrected that was allowing more time than it should have been. I’m current on updates and on an S7 for comparison.


Yeah it does seem like the time limit is shorter and they changed the amount for outstanding, it used to be like 220ish but now its not


Feeling the same things.
And it will cause about 40+ DNA shortage for each common dino.:roll_eyes:

Hope this is just a bug, or it will decrease VIP benefit again.