Did they remove or increase supply drop caps?

I did my normal hunting tonight and spun my usual amount of drops but didn’t hit any caps. I definitely got 5 scent capsules between regular and event drops and got at least 30 cash from event drops.

Unfortunately, my drops are still bugged so I can’t hit the info to see the caps.

i think many people will hate u posting this

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5 scent capsules isn’t it 2 max unless your getting them from daily incubators which they just moved into yesterday

yes old max was 1 from each type of drop. Thats why I am confused.

If you got extra they come out of the level influenced incubator you get every 5 hours in shop

No I watched what i received from the drops. I also did not open a free 6 hr incubator since the supply drops reset.

Did you do any scent strikes?? Cause if not then it’s a bug, not one I would report but a bug nonetheless

Didn’t do any scent strikes tonight. I know the normal mechanics man that’s why I am asking if they changed. Not to have my thoughts troubleshot like I don’t know anything.

Its a bug. My coin limit is not updating eventhough I did 3 supply drops.

Yup i can check my supply drop info now. Still 0 for everything. Looks like its a bug where it isn’t recording what you received. Go spin all the drops.

Just running through all possibilities! Sorry if my tone sounded inquisitorial, having ruled out all the ways you can get scent strikes means it’s a bug, just logic process of elimination

Your right though the stops aren’t tallying. Time for an extended field trip ROFL! :laughing::santa::+1:

You were probably the kid that reminded teachers about quizzes and tests if they forgot…


You accept this as a beautiful mistake, keep quiet and move on…

Don’t worry, Ludia doesn’t read it and moreover they’re not gonna fix it. So relax, let everybody know about this bug (or feature) and use it :wink: