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Did they remove the 15 minutes speed up?


I can’t seem to get it anymore!


A lot of the time there’s a bit of delay upwards of 30-60 seconds when you are on the screen, regardless of how much time under 15 minutes it is.


I was down to like 9 minutes to go and no watch video came up on the last 3 times!

Maybe it was a glitch


Nope it happened again 13 minutes left and no watch! I let it countdown almost a minute


For me if i click the cash icon when it says speed up on the bottom of its box/area/tab when selecting the incubator and then exit the incubator it lets me watch a video to skip the next time I view the incubator.
Otherwise it never lets me watch a video to skip.


Mine still seems to be working ok


I usually click into it then out and a second later it pops up.


Mine has stopped giving me the speed up option as of this morning.


Mine was working fine yesterday, I will have to see how today goes.


I speeded up a 15m incub 10 hours ago, watching the video.

I haven’t paid so much attention on this but I noticed that sometimes, if i watch a video to speed up a 3h incub that is almost at the end, then I am not able to speed up anything for a while.


Actually I had to force close the app and reopen and the video was there