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Did Tryko Get Stun Resistance?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Tryko just can’t be stunned these days.

Whether it’s my Tryko or the opponent’s, since the roll out of 2.3, it feels like that thing just won’t get stunned for love nor money.

I’m honestly starting to wonder if Ludia added a resistance and forgot to tell everybody.

edit: I know anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all, but my last 5 greater stunning attacks (which allegedly have a 75% chance of succeeding) have failed against Tryko.
Similarly, my own Tryko is up to 2 or 3 in a row.

It’s just you.

My Trykosaurus gets stunned every time an opposing Thor hits it with an IC.


Its prob just you, practically 9/10 tryko’s(mine or my oponents) get stunned

I find there’s weird RNG associated with certain creatures, personally. Not just the losing streak RNG. Like my Tryko only crits on the counter, and always gets stunned by IC. Like 95% of the time for each.

I have a similar issue with Dio when he is swapped in against an IC, its just bad luck. I do sometimes think you have bad RNG streaks to “unintentionally” motivate people to spend.

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I’ve noticed this also. Maybe 20% of the time stun works on Tryko, whether it’s mine or my opponent. And Swap-in stun works a lot less.

Personally I actually kind of wish it would get a high Stun Resistance, if only so it can become another Thor counter (yes, I know none of it’s ingredients have Stun resistance, but lemme dream dang it :rofl:)


My Tryko never get stunned before the update. Now every time… hope it change again :grin: