Did we get an actual migration?

Okay so I have lived in zone 1 the entire time I’ve played. So I know where my borders are and what belongs. Tonight I’ve seen not only my usual L1 dinos but some L3 as well.

Sinoceratops, the usual epic suspect.

But then I saw a rare Dracorex I have NEVER seen one in my town.

And then this. This really threw me off. I barely see Erlikos in the L3s I drive through but now it’s legit in my L1??? In the same night within an hour of each other. What’s going on???

interesting. i live in L3 and i don’t think i’ve ever seen an erlikosaurus at night. spawn mechanics even say day/dawn/dusk :thinking: i’m cool if dracorex wants to come to L3. he can even stay in my house and bring sinoceratops too :pray:


vow! which city do u live?

I don’t live in a city. I live in a very small town surrounded by country and farmland. Hackettstown.

Sometimes you get lucky and get a location spawn. I see raptors on my way to work through train stations all the time. I also saw Raja in my local, which has never happened before and promptly went out and got him. I also have had T-rex spawn at night due to the same, spawning at a restaurant I guess.



NNow there’s a Barry up the street. And my kids are asleep so I can’t go get ANY OF THEM. :sob::sob::sob:

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wish i will have a chance to visit there

Story of my life! The good ones always pop up after bedtime!

But if Sino wants to start hanging out on
In 3, I’d be cool with that!

erlikosaurus usually found under the sun and it looks like golden bird

Your town looks like the land before time compared to where we are.

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Yeah my town is ridiculously loaded with dinos. I see Sino daily, sometimes a few of them daily. 6-7 Rex a day. Raptors galore. It’s crazy especially because it’s literally a square mile of a town.

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i am in zone 1, but surrounded by lythronax, allosaurus…getting me crazy…

Haha I was going to say I am in the country too. Surrounded by farm land. Nearest neighbour is a kilometer away. I never see a Dino at my place. I run a square country mile (4 miles) at night to see 2-3 raptors

I think you may be on to something

I live in zone 1 … and for the first time every I saw a suchomimus outside right now. It’s usually all over zone 4.

I mean there’s a chance this is completely random but I’m hoping it’s more than that.

(Concavenator on the other hand has NOT decided to go anywhere… it’s a zone 1 epic and just popped up next to me also… apparently it didn’t get the memo)

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Funny one just popped up just outside my range. These epics are killing me tonight, they’ve all spawned within two hours juuuuust outside where I can get them! :sob:

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He’s finally decided to leave me alone!

Thanks for taking him off my hands @TyrannosaurusLex :slight_smile:

im in L3 and there is one, and only one spot where suchomimus spawns. no idea why. not the right zone and only at the same intersection.

Well I did see a Sino a couple of days ago in a place ive never seen them before so maybe something is changing. Maybe migrating for the Winter/Summer (depending where y’all live) =D

Man I really hope so… I need a change big time

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