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Did we get the the wrong creatures?

Because I’m pretty sure this guy wasn’t on the list of stuff to dart this week. Am I missing something about the spawn event?

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Raised this in another thread- we actually have 3 events going on at the moment - commons, rares and Emily (Bronto)

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It is an extra. I’m not complaining.

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Is it just the umm rhino thingy?

There are 2 “rhino thingys” lol. This one and yesterdays daily migration had elasmotherium

Nice nickname for brontotherium

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I shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes but I am quite pleased with that one :smile:


Sort of said elasmotherium was yesterday since I’m an Android user in the UK and was locked out of the game until this morning. :frowning:

U have a high prpbablitlty chance to get enough dna to unlock it from today’s rare strike

Bronto is ridiculous to dart for a common.

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Every time I read Bronto in that sentence, I immediately think of Brontosaurus despite knowing for FOREVER that it was never actually it’s own species. :joy: