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Did you get Soronasaurus?

I was able to get this with both my accounts. I was surprised I was able to get this with my level 20-21 team but managed to do it with 20 Marsupial Lion, 20 Thylacotator, 21 Monolorhino and 21 Trykosaurus, no boosts. I only had one death too. Funny, cause I had 2 deaths with 29 Ardentismaxima, 27 Thoradolosaurus and 27 Trykosaurus with boosts applied.

When you have a team of lower weaker creatures, you sit and strategise a bit more before committing to a battle.



Mines in the sancs, but I got it

15 ML and 20 Thylo

looking at its abilities, i’m wondering what its hybrid is gonna be. but vulnerable into devastation is powerful.

This will be a good one to bring up to team level 20. One, it can’t be slowed. Two, it has a slowing counter attack. Three, if it’s against a slowed creature that can’t kill it in two turns, the devastation can be devastating if it is not distracted.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming noodle team with added Sonor. :sauropod:

Xd do you try?

Bajadasaurus is very close to the same as Sonor.
Sonor has 746 damage at 20 which is poor but not as poor as Baja.

A pack of unboosted level 21s can take on team average boosted 25s if they got the team chemistry to make up for it. Most of time you can catch people off guard in the library.

Yes but it took 3 attempts.

:notes:(Bah-dah, bah-dah, bah, bah) My Sorona!:notes:

…or is it…

:notes:Shake, Shake, Shake Sonora :notes:


I swept the strike first try 3-0 with my beloved gold attack Tenontorex lol.
Nice job doing it with lower levels.
It has potential I think. If only we had gotten it last friday so we could’ve tested it in the epic skill tournament. Looks very strong as long as you can set up on something to use up a turn of delay.

I soloed it with Tryko.

I mean if you can survive to do it; or they don’t cleanse it first

I used my Gorgosaurus. Lvl 30.

Yes and I got it to lv 12

The taunting vulnerability is good it makes the opponent vulnerable first than hit superiority vulnerability make its after the turn

pls show a pic of sonorasaurus in the game i am trying to make a hybrid and there are not any good pictures on the internet