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Did you know the 6 hrs incubator can also give epic dna?


I just clicked on it and for the first time ever, got 15 Ankylosaurus dna! :exploding_head:

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I got 15 Ankylosaurus DNA from a 15 min one before. One and only time. That was a few days before. Pleasantly surprised to say the least!

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Same thing happened to me today. Almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

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Yes it could happen. The incubator shows the minimum guarantee DNA, but it can be better, if lucky.

I received some happy surprise on the incub earned from battles, never on the 6 hours, the free one with also the green bucks on it. So congrats!

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Happened to me too yesterday and same dino…is it a coincidence or did they decide to give epic ankylosaurus DNA to random people?


Got anky from my 8h overnight last night. Anky fever!

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There’s a 6 hour incubator???

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I’m glad someone else said that. Unless talking about the 6 hour free incubator that’s a waste of time! At level 15 I’ve only ever had Stegosaurus and velociraptor


The free one. Not from Arena.

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Oh yeah I think they mean the free one that rarely has anything in it.


That’s right! Since I started, I didn’t know it can give you epic dna.


I got Anky 1 time out of it . My man always gets lucky and gets epic


Haha thanks I see now