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Did you know?


Did you all know we can zoom out some dinos? I play JWA for a while and didnt know that thill today​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Just touch both sides of the screen then move borh to the midle
An example

Zoomed out:

Sorry for bad english
BTW Ludia buff this guy😂


Try it on the legendary bird if you have him! Shows how massive he is!!! :heart:


I guess this option is only for hybrid dinos


I just tried on rexy. Looks like you’re right. That’s disappointing :frowning:


If you’re ever wondering how big or small a Dino is, look at the computer screens to the side. We know the sauropods are massive and the raptors are roughly human sized. But if you just need something for scale.

For instance, Rexy ( who wants coins from me because she thinks she’s a dragon )

It’s a bit hard to get a screenshot with some of the dinosaurs like the ceratopsids since either the AR button or the information panel covers them up. ( and I’m on my tablet ) But you can kind of drag it downwards to see.

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Nice. Had no idea all this time.


I legit did not know this until just now :man_facepalming:t4::joy:

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I’m trying that ASAP :wink:


It’s fun! I found out a while ago when they introduced nodopatitian. He almost looks like the biggest!


Only yesterday I realized if you hold down on the images of the enemies in the “choose team” screen prior to a Strike Event Battle, you can view their stats. I’ve been looking them up all this time🤦‍♂️