Did you manage to create Blue?


I hope you all managed to, we’ve got a good community here so it’ll be nice to think you all managed to get her.

My first try was awful - only got 50. Bad idea to try an event epic after not playing/practising for several hours. There was an Apatosaurus next to her, I should have tried that first just you get my eye in again.

Anyway, the 2nd hunt was 101 and the 3rd 92 so I am now the proud owner of a level 11 (very nearly 12) Blue!

If you haven’t attempted the event yet, good luck and I hope you get her!


Easy as pie :pie: happy it was the regular chances like other epics :+1::grin::canada:Updated picture forgot to post it lol


Going whit the family to get it later. The kids are like crazy they want to take a picture whit her.


I wish AR worked on my phone :’(


Yup! Level 12 with 12 DNA to spare <3 I had to force close the game multiple times to make sure I got enough DNA for 12 instead of what happened to you, but it worked! :heart_eyes:

Now if only we could get Baby Blue too, defeating her opponents with the power of her cuteness…


Yep… But she is quite disapointing in comparison to my level 17 dinos. She is killing mw on battles. Good luck… She is like catching a t rex… Might swing her tail abit and she might move fast after your first few strikes.


Just back from my little late night hunt (it’s almost midnight here) to get my own little Blue. Was hoping for enough DNA to get a Lv. 12 one, but well … hitting tail is crazy.

But was surprised about all the Rares in the city tonight. Shining dinosaurs everywhere … 5x Utah, 1x Spino, 4x Gorgo, 3x 2nd Gen Diplocaulus, 1x Dimetro, 2x Nodo, 2x Karpo and 40+ V-Raptor at least. Plus T-Rex and Koolasuchus near my house.


Where abouts did you go??


I’m from Germany, living in an average 300k city. Spawns here are great most of the time, but that much was surprising even for me.


Wow, that’s a great haul tonight!


Got mine :grin:


I didn’t get mine​:sob::sob::sob:
I suck a maneuvering the drone😔


Yeah I admit, the drone gets tough to maneuver sometimes. But if you study the dinos you hunt, you start to get a feel for them after a while.


I can’t believe I did so horrible! I only got 111 in total :hushed:…that is by far the worst I have ever done on an epic event. I’m so annoyed with myself that it happened on blue 🤦


Bought many incubators??!! Lmao :rofl:


Look what I got on two shots and the third was 96 or so



But I made it past half way to level 13 with just shots no incubators ! You know me I don’t support buying incubators at the price they are only noobs and people with money to throw away that’s rich does that! Level 11 I get 21 DNA for common and 16 a shot for blue


Are you rubbing it in my face :joy::joy: you did great man, congrats. I’m happy you got her, and got her to level 13 :hushed: I’m at level 7 🤦


Haha I got her to level 12 almost 13 … about halfway :+1::grin::canada: Sorry rubbed in a bit I have a secret way of guarantee high catches of DNA !! LoL I can pm you if you like to know !


Oh that’s still awesome man, congrats! Haha no worries I’d be happy too :joy:, yeah sure thank you that would be great, I won’t say no to that haha, could use the help xD