Did you notice Pterosaur rare striketower bug?

So the “pterosaur rare striketower” was placed on the map yesterday. I got to battle it a few minutes ago. According to the tower you should play two battles, get an incubator and after that finish just one more to get the rare incubator. Well after finishing the first two all it rewarded me was coins. No incubator ever popped on my screen. Anyone else had this? The large and last one after the third battle I did get. ( Already mailed support )

I vaguely remember something similar yes.

I didn’t get Incubator for last week’s Epic Strike, and this week’s Small Rare Strike.

Yeah I’ve had the same on a previous strike tower. I even spoke to ned and he confirmed it was just a coin reward not an incubator

I got mine. Very odd if others didn’t.

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I don’t remember if I got one or not, but I remember this being a bug a long time ago, right before I took a break. Don’t remember which strike tower it was, though I believe it was either rare or epic. I believe I thought it was a visual bug and that I wasn’t supposed to actually get an incubator.

This was not a bug. Press and hold on that circle to see what the rewards are. For this one it just shows coins. Ned confirmed this yesterday. It’s strange that it wouldn’t be an incubator, but that’s the way it was supposed to be.

Erlebe ich ab und zu auch🤔

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I also experience it from time to time.

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