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Did you receive Alliance Mission incubators for this PAST week when they were disabled?

  • Yes
  • No

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I want to see how many people were in the same boat as myself after reading the Reddit post. I myself did not receive any.

EDIT: Link to Reddit thread about others receiving their incubators for this week:

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what? was this a thing?? lol that’s super weird

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Yep, some Redditors posted about receiving rewards for tiers they achieved before the missions were disabled on Saturday I believe.


That really does suck, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about that unless there’s concrete proof that you were on a certain tier, and then didn’t receive the correct DNA you were supposed to.
Even if you had screen shots or something, I doubt Ludia will be able to fix the mistake and find every single person who got less than they deserved. There’s also like no way to know who’s being truthful vs. who’s lying just to get extra DNA thrown their way. :confused:


While I doubt they WILL do something about it I don’t doubt they CAN.

For these people to receive their rewards I’m sure some code had to run to deliver those rewards. Just deliver the same rewards to people who didn’t get them.

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Did you literally get zero rewards, or just not the correct amount ?

Edit: @Bryce_Hoffman my bad I just re-read your post and saw you didn’t receive any rewards, I’m sorry I’m super tired and probably should be sleeping right now hah,
But yeah maybe there is a way they can go back and see they never sent you anything…kinda like when you try to open an incubator but the game freezes or you lose connection, and once you exit and re open the game it says “you received these rewards” or whatever. Can’t remember the exact wording. But it would be great of Ludia to investigate the people who contact them at least and then reimburse them.


Nothing. I assumed that nobody else did either, doesn’t seem that was the case. I’ll edit the OP with a link to the thread I’m referencing.

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I got that incubator, and felt it came out of nowhere… I haven’t saw anyone mention it here… I remember it contained 4000 coins and 25 cash (less sure about the cash). The week before, my Alliance climbed to level 2 in the two categories, so we were rewarded with the level 3 incubators, as announced by Ludia.


I actually didn’t get this one either. And no one in my alliance mentioned anything so I’m guessing they didn’t either. :angry::rage:

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I actually received the Concavenator incubator twice. Once just before they bugged out and then again on Monday when Ludia sent them out to everyone.


The missions were only active again for a short time. Rewards would’ve been minimal at most. I care more about seeing the missions returned in working order than any missed rewards at this point. Glad they’re taking time to get it right this time because that turned into a real ship show :ship:, but hope they get it done soon.


The question was for the PAST week… the answer of mine is : NO … BUT…
It received both incubators for previous mission as it was promised.
I didin’t receive incubators for the mission from PAST week which lasted only only one day + some hours: we completed the level 1 and entered the level 2 for the defense and entered the level 3 for the exploration… so that are incubators we miss.




Depending on your stage of the game, 300 Sinoceratops DNA is quite useful and rare.


Wasn’t knocking this being a thread, and think a poll to see that some players got these rewards is a good idea. Only stated that having full weekly rewards back online comes way before having devs work on getting the 100 Sino sent out to alliances that hit that tier 1 mark before the missions were taken down. The announcement stated that missions would be going down, and we were all given a 100 Sino bonus already. My alliance was only at tier 2 when the missions were stopped and we’re amazing at getting those things knocked out. That is to say, you have a point without needing to fluff it up with imaginary Sino DNA.

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We got nothing, despite having progressed both categories to rank 2 in the second round of missions.
We got our 1st weeks reward of ranks 5 and rank 4. But nothing after that.


And I’m not trying to attack you or anything, but in this case Ludia should have given all the players the rewards or none of the players. Not some of the players.

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We didn’t get rewards yesterday (for last weeks) disabled missions. We had reached 3 on Exploration and 2 on defense. My whole alliance feels like they were cheated even though I reminded them Ludia made no promises this week. I have noticed a BIG decrease in active players and the complaints in our Discord are huge.

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I miss Alliance Missions so much :sob::sob::sob:


Now I think about it, I managed to scavenge 100 odd bucks in total… weird