Didn’t get my incubator when I bought vip

So I bought vip 3-4 days ago, and still haven’t got the incubator. I sent a support message, where the bot answered me, saying an agent will help me as quick as he can. Does anyone have problem with this as well? Sadly I feel they’re scamming me.

Did you check your ingame mail? My kids went there and the game never told her she had new mail.

Yes, I have tried to close the app, reinstall, looked for updates, checked mail several times. And the guys from Ludia won’t respond either, kinda sucks.

Were you VIP earlier? You only get the incubator once. Re subscribing won’t give you the incubator again.

Hey Goaz, I’m sorry about the delay from our support team. The free Epic Incubator you get from subscribing to VIP is only a one time reward, so if you had subscribed to VIP before and received the Incubator, you won’t be able to get another one. However, if this is your first time becoming a VIP member, and you didn’t get your Epic Incubator, our team will investigate further and try to get back to you soon.

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This is the first time i bought vip. I wanted a good start since a friend of mine wanted me to join this game as well. I have vip, the long range and everything works. But no, I have still not gotten the incubator in my mail. I have written to support, and that was not helpful at all. To be honest, it’s weeks since I bought vip, kinda weird that they haven’t fixed it yet. I don’t think my friends will buy vip either now, since I didn’t get it, or the help I need from the support.

Hey, I’m sorry to hear that our team wasn’t able to help you yet, but I have sent them over a message, and they will try and get back to you soon. Could you let me know if one of our team members get back to you in the upcoming days?

Yes I can give you updates. Thank you Ned, yet I’m not that positive that I will get the help right away.