Didn’t get rewards after Facebook login


I connected with my Facebook and i didnt got the rewards after logging in, but my fiancé got the rewards. Could you please help?!

Thank you in advice:


Hey Laura_Hauschild, I don’t believe there was a reward for connecting your account to Facebook, so your fiancé could have received the gift for something else. If you’re still having an issue, contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


Yeah their was, if you connected you got a incubator. Remember the game telling me that I should link my account and when I did I would get a reward on Monday, this was weeks ago though


Also there was a free incubator given last week because of some server errors so you should have got that as well


Was it supost to be a free gift every monday for being linked with facebook ?

I believed it was a weekly monday free gift.


I believe it was a one time thing