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Didn‘t they promise to raise the amount of green drops?

Cuz after 1.11 they magically disappeared for me…

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They did. In parks.

Nerfed everything else around me.

Yep sounds like lip service. The only thing noticeable is my supply drop from when I first started playing is gone and my sanctuary since the beginning of sanctuaries is gone. I can safely summarize that Ludia does not care about crippling players, just as long as they can keep leeching off the tit for cash.

Thats typical Ludia: they advert that they increased the green drops…did that for 1 week…and then they decreased it dramatically again. They just want their playerbase to all stop playing this game so that their developers are less stressed because all their “hard” work.

I went from 7 drops at work to 5, then 4, now 3.

No green.


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yep my area is a barren wasteland for green drops too. Cant really comment on parks because those nearest to me are too small for them to have more than like, 1 green drop. It was so good before this patch … green everywhere. Guess Ill just forfeit my hunt for dimo … im at like 3 on the last day, no way I can even find 18 green drops let alone dimetrodon.

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So I drove a lot around today and also checked parks but the amount of green drops is as poor as before the announcement. :expressionless::expressionless:

I was wondering the same thing. NOTHING around me and of this whole week the dimetroden was the only one of any use to me. I’ve found like three Dimetrodens and I travel around the city a lot for work. It’s a bit ridiculous. I am glad that last week there were plenty green drops with useless dinosaurs.

They’re bad this week lol! Go to parks it’s the only reliable source atm.

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