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Didnt get hc from tapjoy offer

Says rewarded but I didnt receive :frowning:

Hey Wrothgar1, it might take some time for the rewards to show up in your game. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tapjoy’s support as well, and they would be happy to try and assist you with the offer you’ve completed.


Thanks @Ned!!

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So… I found the hc. My family and I all use the same device for our accounts and it went of their accounts. If I provide the support key for both accounts can I get the hc transferred? @Ned

If you reach out to our support team here at with the support key from both game accounts, our team can take a closer look for you.

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@Ned I work in support and I have to give credit where it’s due- your alls support team is great!!! Thanks for the help - please pass along my kudos to the team and their manager :slight_smile:

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