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Didnt get my grypolyth dna from fusing

I recently got gryposuchus DNA from today’s epic strike i forget how much I got but I had 700ish to start fuzing with, and my grypolyth started around 70dna. I Fused 2-3 times, the fuze glitched out and wouldn’t complete. I restarted the game and found that my grypolyth is still at 70dna and I now I have 196 gryposuchus.

Has anyone had luck getting there DNA back?
How should I go about it?

Update: I now discovered the strike event reset and they took all the DNA I won…what the… so I rebattled the event but I wouldn’t give me the reward…I had to reset the game and then I got the reward…I got my fuses now…how annoying.

That sounds really strange, @Rachel_Matteson, but I’m glad to hear that you were able to retrieve your DNA. If you remember the date and time of when this happened, our team would be happy to take a closer look and investigate further to see what the issue might be. Our team can be reached here at, and please make sure to include your support key as well.

If this happens again in the future, try completely closing your game a second time and then restarting and see if that helps.

It was yesterday 5/12 around noon, I think.

Could you send that information along with your support key to our support team through the email address provided above? :smiley:


Sorry, sure.