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Didn't get new emote

I did the ox strike saw that I got a new broken heart emote and it popped up as a missed reward so I check my emotes and its not there. Did anyone else have this problem and ludia please fix this I was so excited when I saw it.

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i didn’t receive an emote either (assuming this was the gold master strike). Didn’t even know there was supposed to be one because i couldn’t see what type of inc i would get.


Yeah it was the golden strike

this is what showed for me. couldn’t click on the inc reward to see what i would get. so yeah. another buggy strike tower.

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I got the new emote

At the end it said I got the emote but never did

Hopefully ludia can give it to everyone so even if you did get it it doesn’t matter

Or do another strike tower

I got the same thing, weird tower, and sadly no emote


It was separate from the other rewards for some reason, I got the incubator normally

Never got the emote either. Just the inc and DNA

Maybe reload game!!!

Yeah, I reloaded after reading the OP and got it

wierd. half broken strike, but at least the reward does come through eventually.

Same, just got it now

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Everyone who had this problem reload and go to your emotes it won’t tell you you got it but you did


It’s weird how the heart sounds hard and brittle when it breaks. Then you remember it comes from Ludia.


i’m liking all the emotes that they are adding. a nice cosmetic item that has no bearing on gameplay and are fun to use in raids. my only wish is to be able to purchase just the emotes instead of getting them through bundles.


VIP exclusive emotes could be cool too

I did the strike event and it didn’t even show an emoji in the rewards, I didn’t know one would be included at the time and then logged out of the game, I came back 15 min. later and it said I missed a broken heart emoji, went and checked and it was there. :grin: Weird bug thingi by the sound of things.

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