Didn't get promised perks


When I started I kept seeing dinos out of range. It said if I upgrade to vip they would be in range. I paid for the subscription to try it and now the same spawns are still out of range. It flat out lied to get me to subscribe. I feel ripped off


I think it’s up to a certain amount of distance that they are in range if its far out it will still be out of range but if it’s not too far off from your original spot then you will get a yellow bar saying it’s in range. but the battery on the Drone although drains slower stil at this distance of the yellow bar range doesn’t give you much time to collect a lot of dna


The ones I can’t reach now are the exact same spot it said would be on range with the vip perks


you maybe able to send in a support ticket Via the game but it takes them a while to respond. it could be a glitch i have VIP but can still reach some but others I can’t reach unless I walk closer to it. good luck hopefully you’ll be able to access it soon


I’m pretty sure i recall reading that the VIP upgrade extends range & battery life of the drone by 33% each - it’s definitely not infinite though.


Hi there, Geoc79, I’m sorry to hear that you are not benefitting from the extended range on our Enhanced Batteries. I know that this must be aggravating, but our support team would be happy to look into this for you! Please contact them at support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key so that we can find you in our system faster, and we will try to get you back to collecting DNA as soon as we can.