Didn't get the free cash after completing the task


I registered to iGame to earn free cash. Only registering needed, so I did this but I never received my cash in the game. What should I do?

Cash Rewards
Aaptiv money offer not working

If it doesn’t arrive within 24h try to reach support. The free cash deals seem sketchy at times; not working left and right.


Head to the spot where the cash offers are. Go into the top left menu.

Go into reward status. The top links say, Rewarded, and, Not Rewarded.

Go into Not Rewarded.

Check the pendings on your offers. It varies, but it will let you know how long they can take (i.e. 24 or 36 hours).

You can submit a support ticket; however, you must wait at least 24 hours from when you started the offer before submitting.


I’ve just recently started playing this game. Over the last 4 days I have tried to do several of the “earn cash” selections and I have not received a single dollar from any of them. There is no in game ticket request so I don’t know where to go.


Same thing. Played lots of hours with bad games to earn free cash, but didnt get them. And the threads are all gone if you begin one of the game. I am -300-400 minus now, at least. And the support didnt answer for days now. Guys thats very disappointing. Its a simple con.


I never get free cash from doing offers it’s a scam if you ask me anytime you see this it is… you wouldn’t think because of admins being legit but it probably has nothing to do with them cause they get the money from those sponsors the sponsors just not reporting us applying or downloading or whatever the action is to get free rewards

Make sense?
Sucks cause I’m owed around 1000+ dino bucks I’ll never see but I’ve learned my lesson


Yes i have learnd that too. But the fact, that the support didnt reasponds for day now… pretty sure i will not spend real money for this. Pathetic. (My former respond was little harder that, so it was erased inmedwaly. So they have the manpower, but use it for that, not to answer the real problems. Congrats, boys!)


A lot of my posts are being blocked for some reason they don’t like what I’m saying I guess this is lame


This is easily she sketchiest thing about this game. Most of them are just complete scams and even though I’ve done a bunch of them, I’m only rewarded for it MAYBE 20% of the time (yes it’s been over 24 hours). Disappointing to say the least. It’s bad enough that you can’t even get cash from the supply drops even though they say you can. There’s gotta be some legit way for a F2P player to earn cash or this game will flop quickly unfortunately.


So far this is a truly amazing game. I love the mechanics and I love randomly finding dinos everywhere. However, I am having trouble with a particular money offer. The offer states I get around 1100 of the in game cash if I sign up as well as try the 30 day free trial. I have done all of the following as well as tried different ways of doing so however the reward does not seem to be available to me.


Welcome in the club. You cant do anything, support didnt give a … uf you read them about the problem.