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Didnt realise indom was spinotasuchus arch enemy


Feels like every time I start spinotasuchus, indom comes out, sometimes in consecutive battles, like do they have something against each other? scratch head

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It’s a natural counter to him. No remove positive and immune with the ability to drop big damage and potentially take none.

And both were set up to be in heavy rotation with events and dailies dropping DNA for them recently.

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Indom is a great counter, just a bummer that most stop at L20 to make indor so it ends up benched at a certain point.

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benched for me as well, but am considering to lvl it up above 20 (since now there is daily trex dna) and bring back in, just to counter other spinota.


It’s more worthwhile to save that T-Rex DNA for Erlidominus and Trykosaurus imo if you want to be able to play in Aviary.

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Yea tho the ingredients are super hard to grind, esp erlicosaurus n ankly.


If you don’t have Erlidominus yet that’s a great idea. I leveled my Indominus to 22 and often used her against Spinotahsuchus, the most common starter ~ 5,000 trophies.

I only reluctantly benched her when I finally got Erlidominus. Both are great counters to Spinotahsuchus.

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I-Rex is love, I-Rex is life

@Piere87 sorry, that was your poor Trykosaurus :sweat_smile:


Lol do you like take screenshots of every battle u you play :smile:

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Only the best moments :woman_shrugging:


I had no chance at that point. It was a well played game on your part!

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Oh, thank you again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It was hard to pull off, not gonna lie, you kept me on my toes the whole match. But damn, pulling off that trick with Indominus at the end felt amazing :smiley:

It was definitely GG. :slight_smile:

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crit impact (spinota) does same amount of damage as an armor piercing impact + crit (indom) at equal levels. (damage is the same)

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Ok. I’m back. Don’t know why my account got “deleted” and my username turned into @anon32111043.


Indom for me has much better chance for survival with cloak than Indor with evasive. I can rarely get crit to happen with Indor but almost each match with Indom she lights up her adversary.

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I just notice this Rex and spino relation
Rare: Rex G2 and spinosaurus
Epic: Rex and spino G2
Legendary: Indominus & spinotahsuchus



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