Didnt receive stygi


I recently got to 1000 battle stars and you are suppose to get an exclusive dino when you enter a new tier. I never received the stygimoloch. What do I do?


You can get her from incubators. Not all from 1 incubator (from 24h incubator you can get her straight, if good luck)


Nah, you are not supposed to get a free gift “exclusive Dino” for reaching that milestone.


As mentioned above, you do not get the Exclusive dinosaur for reaching a new arena.
But you just unlock that dinosaur to be further available in the Battle Incubators.

Based on my personal experience, I have received her DNA couple of times from the 8H incubators but didn’t have the luck from 24H incubators. So it might be long before you are actually able to get her!


Incubator follow a certain order, every Xth one is a 24 hour one. See the topic about it for more info.