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Didn't receive the resources of alliance missions


i log in a while ago and every of my alliance receive the resources of alliance mission and i only receive 350 coins, and the incubators are locked in the lvl that they lvl up.

where i can claim that rewards? i really need it


It’s working fine for u unlike a lot of ppl


Hey kuroixx, the rewards from the Alliance Mission Incubators are sent out at the end of the week. There is a timer under the Alliance Missions menu that shows how much time is left to rank up your Incubator for greater rewards! I hope that helps.


I believe OP means awards for individual goals. Several of my alliance teammates weren’t able to collect some of the awards for individual goals either.

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Thanks for letting me know @Kristi! Could you ask your Alliance members to reach out to our support team here at with their support key so our team can investigate further? If they could also include a screenshot of their Alliance Missions menu, it’d be really helpful as well. Thanks!


Support has not replied to my numerous requests, and I am having the same problem.

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yeah i mean the individual ones, it’s a terrible bug and i didn’t receive the resources of the range 1 of the individuals on the both incu