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Didn't unlock Dilophosaurus Gen 2 or Titanboa

No need to write into support, an In-Game mail has been sent out. Thank you Andy for confirming you have received it.


:pensive: I got rare pack

I usually don’t log in until 1-2 hours after the tournament ends, which was the same this morning. When I logged in the game crashed immediately, when I logged back in it had the screen showing what I won like I had received the packs, but when I got through all of that and went to check the SDNA nothing was there.

@Keith please tell everyone at Ludia thank you for the rapid fix on this issue. It’s much appreciated.


Yes I have received them too, thanks for the quick support. Much appreciated. :pray: @Keith

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Hi, I have a problem. I got into the dominator league (2700) in the dilophosaurus gen 2 tournament. I got a dilophosaurus gen 2, but unlocked Spinosaurus gen 2, which was unlocked. You wrote that you have solved technical problems. It was unpleasant to spend a lot of time and not unlock Dilophosaurus gen 2.
I beg you to solve this problem.
Waiting for your reply.

Welcome to the forum! Many of us experienced this issue but as stated earlier in the thread you should have received a dilophosaurus gen 2 unlock in your inbox by now. If you haven’t, you can contact support at


Hey Manjose_Ilya, as Antwan had suggested, please send an email to our support team. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this for you.

Please remember to include your support key in the email as well.


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As deserved, I got my Titanboa I didn’t receive on Monday today. Thanks Ludia.