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Difference between epics and legendary

I have the Legendary Indominus Rex and the Indominus Rex Ger2 Epic both on the same level. I honestly find the second most efficient and lethal what shouldn’t be like this since legendary should be superior. One flaw is the piercing blows that in the sitare should ignore protection but in reality do not and if they do the effect is very small. I don’t think that should be the case.

In the early days of the game it was indeed the case that legendaries would be better than epics.

Then Monomimus was nerfed and Procerathomimus was buffed which made the latter way better than the legendary.

Other cases like both Indominus gen 2 and Indoraptor gen 2 being better than their supposedly better legendary and uniques show that the game has changed.

Some say it’s a good thing, as lower level players have a chance to get apex dinos sooner, others say it’s daft as it makes getting the harder to obtain legendary and unique forms pointless.

I’m on the fence with it.


Really. I’m at level 14, getting my first legendary creatures, it discouraged me a little, after all I expected more of them. But I will continue to seek to improve the ones I have and get other.

Same here I’m on the fence with some more than others like with thylo, very strong can kill Thor, tenato, grypo, nemys, dioraj, and tryko in two hits but I don’t consider it op like proRAT or indo gen 2

Like I’m fine with one or two being say high to mid apex but they better be super or stepping stone hybrids

I think the logic behind it is that gen 2s should b better then their gen 1 predecessor because more has bin put into making them bigger badder biteyer. The tier they fall under could cause some arguments though.