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Difference in Playing Uniques & Newer Hybrids

Playing unique’s on my primary account lacks the ability to use the strategy I use on my 2nd account with all the new creatures. The unique’s and older creatures just don’t have the swap in abilities as a way to get an edge on an opponent to not let them take out your current creature.

I played both accounts today and both me and my opponent on my 2nd account each used strategic swap-ins/swap outs as a way to try to win in the mid arena with the newer creatures. My primary account with unique’s, was just fastest dino’s win. Mine were faster and I won.

2nd account, I used strategy to take out my opponents Procera by anticipating they would use a specific moves. They used instant distraction and I used the basic cleans distraction to get a full hit. It took my dino out the next hit but I had it low enough to get it the next dino. I did win but not till after they swapped in Thylacotator with instant distraction on a small finish off hit and got it with a big hit the next move. It was a good game.

The high, high players miss out on these newer creatures. The unique’s are more just a fast and hard hitting back and forth. They have hit and runs but bad strategy if your not taking out your opponent dino on the hit -n- run giving your opponent a free hit. Some of these swap in creatures can dodge or mitigate the damage if not stun on entry to stop the damage completely.

On my primary account, my mindset is who to put out first as the sacrificial lamb to be taken out by a rat leaving my fast-fast Thor or Utasino or Erlidom as the rat exterminator as my 2nd choice, if my opponent has a rat… they all do but I get lucky when they don’t have it handy and can enjoy a real match.

I don’t go into battle on my 2nd account with a defensive mindset that I need to prepare to have to defend myself from any certain creatures. The cards flip and I make a quick decision what to use first leaving a good swap in creature for my 2nd or 3rd creature and go from there. My first creature generally has a hit and run on it’s 2nd move if I have one of them available such as the “Terror Bird” Phorasaura. If my opponent doesn’t have slow or distraction, their first creature is doomed on my 2nd move of hit and run. I then bring it back as a finisher.

I don’t play much on my primary account but I play much more on my 2nd account in the mid arenas with all the new creatures for the fun strategic battles. They really need to give the old unique’s and even the old legendary’s swap in abilities.


Yes, I too have noticed the lack of Uniques with SIAs, and I used to think it was a matter of principle. Then Dio got SI-ferocity (which was eventually removed), the Unique birds got their SIAs, Quetzorion got SI-dodge, Smilonemys got SI-stun…
So there’s definitely been an attempt to make more versatile Uniques, which I am all for.

Perhaps some of the Legendary tanks could do with SIAs. For example, SI-defence or SI-slow would not be out of place, and some Legendary ingredients like Giraffatitan even have these abilities.

I came to a similar conclusion during the most recent tournaments - the “best” team at the moment seems to be a combo of old school creatures and some of the newer ones. While this is possible in the L26 tournaments it is not so easy to achieve in the arena. The pending boost reset does offer a partial solution to this and I have been focussing on levelling up newer creatures.

My current plan is to stay unboosted post reset and play with a mixed team in the L20-L25 range - see how things pan out before I start boosting. Look before you leap so to speak.

The problem for many is that the limit is the coins. I have a team of uniques with an average higher than 29. I also have DNA to create very powerful new dinos (Ardentis at 27/28, quetzorion at 27, Pterovexus 28, Tryko that I don’t have at 27, Grypo 27, Thilacolator 28/29 and I could even create Procerathomimus 28 or the rat at 29 if I wanted to) but the creation of a powerful dino at level 29 involves almost 1.5 million coins and to get those coins I need about 2 months. On the other hand, that new creature, however powerful it may be, will need a minimum level of Boost that will also take about 2 months to achieve. In concussion, every two months I can create a new creature to put in the team and every two months 2 or 3 interesting creatures appear … as long as I don’t spend coins and boost in uploading some non-final creature for a week end tournament . Therefore, I will have to keep my team with small changes each version.

I also noticed that the 26 tournaments are just more fun in a way of using dinos you never had the chance to use and the strategy with SIAs is just gold, works every time

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