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Different dino from strike event


Recently I had several issues of st patrick event. One of them is that oppoent’s dinosaur was different from it showed before battle started. I wrote to support and the feedback said it’s MY MISUNDERSTANDING of two different events as I just took some screenshots…I think it maybe due to I’m not a paid player… Does anyone have the same issue and know how to solve it? I have to choose suitable dinosaurs against them instead of guessing.

Today this happened again. The event showed 1st opponent is utahraptor, but actually it was tabosaurus. I recorded the video but cannot upload it.


That is really strange @Minos. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this again to see what the issue might be. Could you email our support team here at with your support key along with those screenshots so they can investigate further? Thanks!


Ok, when was the second screenshot taken? At first I was inclined to agree with support, but then I realized that none of those creatures are even in the St. Patrick’s day event!


I took screenshoot on 03/14 17:34. GMT+8. So it was 09:34 in the game time. I do not know what the opponent’s roster, but I choose mine based on what they show on the picture.


Ok. I thought so. Wish I could help, but I’m not very knowledgeable about the technical side if things. lol


It’s alright. I do not get any feedback from Ludia so far, so it might be really difficult, or as I mentioned in the beginning, they thought I’m the problem.