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Different game servers?

I am wondering if there is more game servers and if there is is it possible to choose witch one you wanna play on?
Reason is that me and my wife play JWA a lot together and we see different spawns and stops/strike towers. For example wife have a green stop just outside the house and she can lay on the couch darting all those raptors today. Where she has a green stop i have a (pretty) orange heart stop instead.
If anyone knows about this i would love to know. its not a big problem im just wondering about the different game servers.

No it’s the same servers. Are you sure that your GPS location were the same. Also me and mine have noticed the spawns will pop up different for us is I see a t Rex where the velociraptor was she sees the raptor etc.

Biggest proof is the different stops we have just outside our house…I have the normal (heartshaped for now) orange stop where she has a green stop

Source of your insider information, or do you have IT skills that you can show us all how you got this info?

Or are you, like many others here, just wildly speculating and stating your opinion as factual information?

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Wow OK point taken. Cheese and crackers



It was a legitimate question I asked.
I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m just tired of people stating opinions as factual without a source.

This mostly offends me because when it’s repeated enough times, it becomes accepted “common knowledge” whether it’s factual or false information.

It’s not uncommon to have several servers servicing different locations and/or operating systems. I would think at the very least ios would have different servers than android. (Can definitely have different spawns at varying times)

The same behavior OP describes can be observed with Pokemon Go, which at the very least, has different servers for iOS and Android.

That’s not to say you can’t play against someone with iOS on android and vice versa…

It would make sense to use different servers to handle traffic load and to be honest most times you take an action that “loads” you to a different view and requires a loading icon how ever brief generally indicates the changing of server it a different unit on the rack.

How ever I read the post of the OP and interpret his intention to be are there different Maps and spawn I. E. Is the game I’m playing the same as my wife .

To which the answer is no it isn’t different at all.

I would list my credentials and evidence to support my theories but that would take a while.

Two quick ones to support this is

“sorry we can’t add parks as we are unable”

And the fact that they can turn on and off the missions at will with out is having to update.

Ahh that makes sence, we do play on different phones like 1 IOS and 1 Android…thanks for clearing that up for me :+1:

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I agree with iOS and Android separate views/servers for sure.

I saw Epics or Dinos on my iPhone which I can’t see on my Android, even both with me at the same time. So I had to use the phone I saw the Epic on to catch.

Hey FarErBedst, a reason why you might be seeing different Points of Interest location between devices is that all the Point of Interest data is downloaded from a map database that gets updated every 30 days. Your device will store this data as “cache” for up to 7 days before it needs to re-download the latest data from the database again. This is all done automatically.


Awesome…Thanks for the answer, Ned. Hypothetical question: if i delete my game from my phone will it download a new map, after installing the game again, that might include the green stop just outside my house?

Hubby and I have the exact same phone and it has been doing this to us this week. It’s usually very seldom that the spawns and boxes are different. :confused:

Me and my son had the same problem yesterday. I cleared cache on both phones and it worked.

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Myself and my wife same level, using same iphone, but both devices are showing different dinos at same spot and also different stops.
Are there different maps in play?

As Ludia makes daily changes to the stops (Strikes, etc.) I made the observation, that I have to log out and in again, in order to see the “proper” changes once they made them over the full hour.

That way it happens, that I’m standing next to a new epic strike just after the new hour and when I then log out and back in, it’s a totally different strike or even just a stop.

I’m playing on my own and always wondered, if “close proximity” spawns are individual spawns (like from scents) or there for everybody.

So Question is: Do you guys see totally different dinos everywhere, or are the ones popping up in “close proximity” are different and the ones you can see in the distance are the same?

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I am sure is different spawning as well as different positions of stops.
Not about pop up of dino when close, that could be due to map loading, but was holding 2 devices and the map is really different.
Not about reloading the game, so i believe there r different version of map.

The same happen with me and my daughter. We play side by side, the same map but different supply drops location. My daughter’s lost all nearby supply drops.

Just this week, there are big differences between my Android phone and Ipad with what drops and even spawns are there.

My phone shows my facebook account drops one way and my Ipad shows drops in different locations or missing and towers different places, some in the same place.

There are often differences but this week there are more differences. Even between my phone, Ipad and my wife’s phone and Ipad, there are similarities but even other differences from my two devices.

Lucky and thankful for the longer reach to do strike towers as they were showing up different and different places when we went out to do them.

For a long while, everything was showing the same on all our devices in our neighborhood so we could text each other as to if the strike towers were in reach or plan to do them at work or go out later.

Now the map is all messed up.