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Different game servers?

I’m playing on my own and always wondered, if “close proximity” spawns are individual spawns (like from scents) or there for everybody.

So Question is: Do you guys see totally different dinos everywhere, or are the ones popping up in “close proximity” are different and the ones you can see in the distance are the same?

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I am sure is different spawning as well as different positions of stops.
Not about pop up of dino when close, that could be due to map loading, but was holding 2 devices and the map is really different.
Not about reloading the game, so i believe there r different version of map.

The same happen with me and my daughter. We play side by side, the same map but different supply drops location. My daughter’s lost all nearby supply drops.

Just this week, there are big differences between my Android phone and Ipad with what drops and even spawns are there.

My phone shows my facebook account drops one way and my Ipad shows drops in different locations or missing and towers different places, some in the same place.

There are often differences but this week there are more differences. Even between my phone, Ipad and my wife’s phone and Ipad, there are similarities but even other differences from my two devices.

Lucky and thankful for the longer reach to do strike towers as they were showing up different and different places when we went out to do them.

For a long while, everything was showing the same on all our devices in our neighborhood so we could text each other as to if the strike towers were in reach or plan to do them at work or go out later.

Now the map is all messed up.

My wife and I had a similar situation yesterday. I saw a dracorex and a Draco g2 in one spot but my wife’s phone showed the same dinos just slightly off to the side. Also I had a green supply drop next to an incubator and hers didn’t. Operating systems are ios, she has a iPhone X and I have the 6s Plus.

Hi. One question: My fiancee and myself have been playing JWA for almost 6 months. Yesterday we noted that we have different dinos & drop supplies in the map, eventhough we were in the sam room.

How it is possible?

Usually the dinos you see on the map by far are common for all, but the hidden dinos that spawn when you reach their point are account based. Don’t know about stops.

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Same here, I got other dna from the rare incubator tower. And my daughter has raptors spawning where I get suchumimus… weird thing…

My partner and I play (both Android) and have had completely different maps this last week - different strike towers, different supply drops, different spawns - makes hunting together difficult and there is a lot of disappointment when one goes “Oooh a T-Rex” and the other can’t see it - any solutions to this?

Edit: Double the pain when one is driving and the other spotting - you pull over to dart something and only one can see it; have to spot with both phones and pull over twice as much :rage:

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Same here, me and my son have 70% same and 30% different Spawns, Supply drops and Strike Towers. Both are using Android phones are travelling together.

Sorry to wave at you @Ned but this topic seems to pop up regularly with no comment from the Devs - restarting doesn’t seem to work, its almost as if the phone locks onto a particular server and stays there - would be good to have a way to sync …

You have to delete the app data and cache. After downloading data again, both players will synchronise maps and spawns.

Brilliant - thank you! I just cleared the cache on my phone (Samsung J6) without uninstalling (didn’t know that was a thing) and I am now seeing exactly the same as my partner. I :heart: this forum at times :+1:

Settings > Apps > JW Alive > Storage : CLEAR CACHE

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Both my girlfriend and I have samsung android based phones and the latest version of the game.
The differences between us is my player level is 20 and hers is 13.
Trophy count she averages around 2500 and I average around 5300.

We on occasion go for walks (the reason why I started the game is she said we could play walking)
We also go driving and stop to shoot things.
The problem is, we don’t see the same things all the time, and it is annoying.
Did they change things around so different level and/or trophy count people get a different map?

Can some help with iPhone: How we can delete the cache of this game, so that I can get fresh map data? And also, I can sync with my partner’s map spawns.

Hey Sammie, for iOS devices, you’ll need to reinstall the game to clear the cache from the app. However, please make sure that your game is linked to either your Facebook or Game Center account before reinstalling. I would also recommend writing down your support key just in case as well.

Why are there 2 different maps?
I played with my wife and we have 2 different maps, is not friendly for family i guess as we cannot go after the same dino.
I thought was mistake but after reloading and few days, this is definitely different.
Why? Any reason to do this?

hi ned, can u advice how to get synchronised my map n my wife?
My login is using facebook and my wife is connecting with game centre.
I tried delete n reinstall the app but still having diff maps.
How to clear cache with ios dev?
We using exactly the same phone.

Hey Calvin_Tan, usually reinstalling the app on an iOS device should clear the cache for the app. However, as your device stores the POI data from a map database for up to 7 days before needing to re-download and retrieve the latest data, you might have to wait for this to be done again. Rest assured that this is all done automatically.

hi ned, understand.
but how do i get to do it for both the devices to be of same map.
my wife and i play together, is frustrating one has to go one way and another the other way.
we just don’t see the same thing.