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Different gear to sell

Can you please make it random the gear that Durham wants to buy in the store. Every time it is gear selected from the same small pool of rares and commons and of course the pool does not include the gear I have maxed out already. Please just make it random so it can be anything

@herpderp, it is really unfair. It always seems to be the same 10-15 common and rare items. Some players are fortunate enough to have some Epics in the mix.

However, things have recently got worse for me. Ludia has decided to ‘quarantine’ the store on my devices for at least 4 hours.

This app has more bugs than a flea circus. :wink:

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It always pick item you have the most so when I start seeing offer for an item I don’t want to sell I request those from guild to finish the level and get different offer

  1. It picks from the items you have the most of within a certain range of numbers.

  2. It always lets you sell exactly 10% of how much you have, which means if you maxed out an epic, every 20 roll in lightfinger for that item is equal to about 900 gold.

  3. How much you buy and sell affects the rate at which legendaries and epics show up in the store.


On point 3, does buying and selling more everything bring epics and legendaries more frequently into the shop?

Point 3 is interesting. I had always sensed legendaries were more frequent when I have collected excess gold and/or gems. Alternatively, when my gems and gold totals are exhausted I seem to get offered less legendary items. I had never related legendary availability to buying and selling.

Point 2 is an interesting insight. I had not noticed the sale value was set at 10%.
Additionally, I understand that Epics can be sold far more frequently by players that spend over and above VIP. Those of us who do not buy packages, heroes, etc, do not get the same opportunity to sell epics. Instead I have a virtual shed storing my 500 surplus thighbones.

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True but are you saying you exited the app and returned and this was still happening? I get this screen every once in awhile but it always resolves itself by restarting the app.

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I seem to be offered legendary and Silverhand items anytime I get close to 30,000 gold or above. Or if I have allot of gems. Pretty sure it’s set up that way to offer bright shiny things and get you to spend money.
If I’m broke I only see lower tier items.

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From what i’ve noticed yes. Over the past 2 months, i tested with high gold and gems along with frequent purchasing and selling. Making a single purchase or sale will usually act as a chain for higher rates of epic sales in the future. I opted not to sell or buy for 2 weeks, i did not get any epic or legendary offerings.

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Thank you for this very interesting info @Lividfrost, I’m gonna test it!