Different incubator offers available? 🤔

So, did anybody else get different incubators for sale this weekend?

I have an offer for 49.99 USD for a “fireworks” premium incub offer with 285k coins and 7k cash, able to purchase it 2x.

While an alliance friend has a “stars and stripes” premium incub offer for 99.99 USD with 785k coins and 15k cash, able to purchase it 2x…

Why is Ludia now selling different offers for different players? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

So even if you pay, you can be behind because others had better offers that give possibly better dna and more resources lol

@John @J.C @Ned I guess you’re all off for the weekend, but it would be nice to understand what the devs are trying to do with this game… each week there are bugs and problems lol

This one might seem dumb to some people, others might even say “who cares its too expensive” or other comments… but I just wanna know why the devs seem to get everything wrong week in and week out :thinking:

Incub that appears in MY game:


Incub that appears for my friend:

I have the option for both. Look at the bottom of the offer screen, there should be a bar with an arrow option to scroll back and forth between them.

@Wwwoodchuck this is the other that shows up for me:



This is what I have on the main Company Store screen:

They scroll back and forth, I captured one while they were switching, you can see both:

@Wwwoodchuck yup, I know it does that :rofl::rofl:
But here’s the “problem”:

image image

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Different country currency conversion I would think.

Ask the person with the $49.99 one to purchase it and email it to ya!

@Wwwoodchuck theyre completely different incubators lol

And both games in those screenshots are in the US store, one is iPhone (mine) and the other android (my friend)… sooo idk lol
are you using an iPhone or android?

Android, mine is $99.99 one.

@Wwwoodchuck Maybe that’s the reason then… :thinking::sweat_smile: