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Different kind of darts?


Hi just want to first say great game! love every aspect of it frm dino gathering to arena battles. Just a suggestion, since we have a bunch of money which I can’t really seem to see the use for yet, I was thinking is there upgradables for your darts or guns in the works?

  1. Upgrade gun for more accuracy
  2. Upgrade darts for crowd control effects, paralyze or slow or something of the sort.

Thanks for the great game team and keep it up Ludia!


Maybe this could be level related; similar like ik PoGo. The higher your level the better goodies you get to catch dinosaurs. Keep in mind you already earn more DNA / level but imo upgraded gun would definitely be a bigger benefit in combo with the additional DNA as i feel like 1 additional DNA / level doesn’t really ‘cut’ it in end-game leveling.

Sure you get ‘superdeals’ along the way but i approve on more freebies! :smiley:


I wanna dart machine gun. Less accurate but shoots more darts.


I think that would be really cool.


Yeah i think that would be rally cool