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Different Perspective

So, I have played the game a long time and I have also gone long spells without playing, but I keep coming back. So let me add a slightly different perspective so a lot of posts that I see. I am not a current VIP member, so I can’t really give an impression on if it is worth the money or not. So, as a free to play player here are some of my observations:

1). Overall I would say this game has a leg up on a lot of games. Your progress is saved and can’t be taken away. I have played many other games where I have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours (and sometimes money) to become a bigger player in the game and have 80% of my progress get wiped out by a coordinated attack while I was logged off. For the most part, that is not a concern in this game.

2). Every game has a currency. As a current free player, I feel that it is easier to accumulate Dino bucks in this game compared to other games. I know in the past it was even easier, but just looking at how it is today…I think the game is competitive to other games in giving their currency to free players. Like every game being smart on how you use that currency goes a long way.

  1. I see a lot of people complain about the mods and saying they are a Dino buck grab. Like everything if you want to pay, you should have an advantage over those that don’t…that is why you pay. I see the mods as a way to make some events more interesting. A mod event/battle definitely has more nuances then a standard battle and I feel gives the player more options for variety while keeping the essence similar. As a free player I can get quite a few mods every day just with my coins.

4). Balance - compared to other games, I feel this is one of the best games that balances free to play vs. spenders dynamics. In some games you literally can’t compete without spending dollars. As a free player, I occasionally get trounced by a player with a bunch of better mods… it by and large there is competitive balance in tournaments compared to other games.

To be transparent I was a vip member for 3 or 4 months when vip first came out. I would say that the vip membership now if way better than it was at first. I am thinking about starting my vip membership again.

But overall I think this game is special compared to other games. Can there be improvements? Absolutely. Do some of the changes make you mad? Of course they do, change is always hard. I recently stopped playing another game where a recent game upgrade, changed the dynamics so much it basically undid about 3 months of a specific strategy I had…so I once again came back here to a game that has always made me happy. Just wanted to put out here a more positive topic for people to think about…


Hey Elron, thank you for that positivity. :blush:

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Interesting perspective.

I would like to add that it’s nice that they’ve made more DB’s available in the daily missions and that more DB’s are popping up in the TH.

Could always be worse, I suppose…

Now that we’ve had the update for a while, i can say that i still find the game enjoyable on the whole, without VIP. You can still get decent amount of bucks from daily quests, creature unlocks, random trades and PvP. The issue IMO, is not that the options are limited, rather it’s the fact that there were more options in the past. Removing options to make the game more grindy is not a good choice, and can quickly frustrate players.
I still find this game more generous than other freemium games when it comes to its premium currency, and it is more generous than what i expected at first. Just stop taking things away.

Oh it can always be worse… I think we definitely have it better than the folks over playing JWA in terms of how pay-to-play that game has been.

I think the biggest issue is just how fast all these changes were made, such that it was so painfully obvious what they were doing and why. If it was more of a slow burn, it would probably not seem so egregious. You know what they say about a frog in a pot of hot water…

I agree that it seemed like a lot in a short period of time. I have also been on the other side of the fence (software developer) and have created features or functionality for one reason, and have the users have a totally different take on what we gave them. I think this is why forums like this are valuable to be able to give them feedback on how things are being received by the people using the game vs. what the original intention may have been.

I do believe that having 3 aquatic events on the same day didn’t make much sense to me…unless the intention is to drop more events and people choose which event they want to focus on.

But one concept I think this game focuses on more than other games, is that there is actually more of an incentive to have a deeper roster than a few huge ones at the top. A concept I wish I had figured out sooner… :grinning:

Point #1 sounds like the time sink “spreadsheets in space!”

Yeah, agreed with all that.

I tried JWA for several weeks when it came out… Even did the VIP thing, but I really didn’t like it.

I quit it for the following reasons:

  1. MONEY: Worst part about it was that it’s a complete money trap of a game… Like, no joke- that wasn’t the only reason I didn’t like it but it was the main reason that I quit playing altogether. I mean, I’ll pay the piper every once in a while for a cell phone game that I really like but just NO. Things may have changed since then but JWA’s money grabbing lure was some serious next-level stuff when the game came out. Even the VIP itself was an asinine price, but it still wanted money at every turn.

  2. HACKERS/P2W: Since the PvP is real in JWA (as in- you do play against real opponents) the hackers truly destroyed that game. I don’t know if things have changed over there for the better since then, but PvP was completely messed up when I played it- to the point it was unplayable. Even if hackers no longer run that game, it’s still a pay-to-win set up.

  3. ZERO STORY/PROGRESSION: There was no story at all… The game felt hollow as a result- the only things to do were: a) level up creatures and b) play PvP (refer to point 2 on the problems with that). Maybe this area has improved to since launch, but even so this wouldn’t be enough to get me back after my experience with this game.

  4. NO FUN: Don’t get me wrong, the graphics and creatures are amazing. Putting dinosaurs into the room with you for picture-posing was an awesome touch, but that just isn’t enough. The game got old real fast and I just didn’t get any sense of fun when playing it.

Overall I feel like I gave it a fair shot- I wanted to like it. Sometimes I’ll boot it up just to look at my creatures and occasionally shoot some darts at a random dinosaur but JW: The Game is just vastly superior to me.


ok))) thank you