Different rewards for playing other games


Someone has posted a screenshot with his rewards for playing Lords Mobile and hitting 2lvl monster. He gets 971 cash for it while I get only 527 cash. Almost 2 times less. What the hell unfair is it???


You get what you deserve :man_shrugging:t2:


That was me - and it was way back just after the game was released… i think they’ve since realised that the amount they were giving away was too high, so have scaled it back across the board (i.e one of the FF rewards i got was for like 5.5k, the same is now worth about 3.5)


I’ve got only 188 and 423 FF rewards for 6 and 10 lvl citadel, that’s it. No rewards higher then 280 anymore.


Hey Rodion_Ivanov, I’m sorry about the confusion with the in-game offers. Sadly, these offers are provided by Tapjoy, but their staff would be glad to assist you in any questions you might have.

You can find more information on Tapjoy offers through our FAQ here: