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Different rewards for the same level (up)

I have a question for Ludia: Why we are getting different rewards for reaching the same level? And this difference can be pretty big. Definitely it is not country related; when we recalculate currencies it is the same.
When I get academy Graduate bundle x2 and somebody will get it x2,5 or 3 differences are pretty big.
Some people suspect that if I don’t buy for real money; offers are getting better and better. Still it is like being discriminated for actually supporting the game. I would like to hear what is behind this and whether people are happy with what we get now?


Other people,have speculated that the more money you spend the better the offers when you go up a level. I don’t know. It would be good to get some data. I just reached level 38 and was offered a bundle with 10 premium cards, 4800 runes and some coins and fish (can’t remember how much exactly but maybe 70k ish) for £48.99.

It is based on purchase history. My main account has made two or 3 $10 purchases. My 2nd account has never bought, my 2nd account gets way better offers.

Also, the big spenders get much larger offers