Different rewards for Tournament reset?


Ludia mentioned elite players above 3500 should be reset at the start of the season. And to look for rewards in inbox.

Does anyone think the rewards might not be same for everyone over 3500? Is there a chance it might vary, like based on existing trophies when the reset happens? Like based on rank:
Top 3, top 10, top 500 receive something better based on their respective group standings.


I hope so. Why would someone who has 3500 trophies who hasn’t even battled in arena 8 get the same reward as someone with 4500 trophies.


I think that it will be the same for everybody above 3500. It’s not a tournament yet.


It would be nice if the compensation was coins per lost trophy
3501 = 10 coins
4500 = 10000 coins
(Working on 10 coins per trophy)


I hear most people who stopped battling just over 3500 so they qualify… I stopped just over 4000 on the off chance the rewards are different.


First of all, I hope the rewards for qualifying in reset is something significant. At least an Epic incubator with decent goodies.

I know that the cash content of an incubator varies based on Player Level. Here hopefully the cash value will vary based on trophies if possible. At least the top leaderboard should receive something good, especially the top 3 rankers.


The guys at Metahub tend to know more than they can let on. Looking at Pocemon who writes regularly for them, he stopped battling after reaching 5000. If he knew there was no difference between rewards for 5000 and 3500, I would expect to see him battling still for incubators.

My guess:

  1. Either there is a better reward for 5000 which the metahub guys know about or
  2. They are in the dark as well and are hedging like the rest of us.

I’m parking at 5000 assuming Pocemon knows more than the rest of us. :slight_smile:


Hedging is a good word for this situation. I’m currently at 4574 and parking here until the reset. Not because I particularly believe staying ranked is better for me, but it may be and I’m getting burnt out on battles anyway. I can take a vacation for the next 16 hours without feeling I lost anything important. :slight_smile:

(With the knowledge that a few losses from here basically unranks me. Not gonna risk it. )


Haha. What a coincidence!!! I have sitting at 4573 (1 trophy less than you/4 rank below you).

I also thought there isn’t much to lose if I take a day’s rest :smiley:


Im at 4800 but still keepin the incubators going. I want all the coins :joy:


I’ll tell you one thing, if there is a better reward for ranked players, I’ll be a little irked. I was parked at 5k at rank 24 but after #spoofergate and the return of the spoof monster, I dropped about 3000 trophies.

Then again, I’m keeping my battle skills fresh. :wink: Just wish spoofers didn’t affect trophy count. I’d still be in the top 100.


With the whole crappy PVP battles glitches and RNGDICULOUS out of control they should reset all for the new tournament until they fix this wreck!