Different rewards in raids

How are rewards suppose to be given for beating these raid bosses for the first time?

My alliance has noticed that we’re getting different rewards.

@Schtemty and I both just beat the Mammo Raid for the first time.

Schtemty got 120 Mammo dna, I got 25.

What the heck!? We all put in work and spent the better part of 15 minutes fighting this thing!

We noticed it yesterday with Sino too, yet didn’t think anything of it since we had mixed levels in our raid


Good, then it wasn’t just with us… Same thing happened at mine. I got 25 and a friend got 125 according to him. He was the one responsible for the final blows so we were thinking if that’s got anything to do with it, but it’s absurd anyway

Btw, tried to accept your invitation earlier, but it failed like 90% of the times…


I had final blow on it, so its not based on that.

I’m so angry over this.

Its all good, hopefully the invite bugs will be fixed quickly.

Yeah, so they just “Ludied up” again


Imagine that. :roll_eyes:

Maybe has something to do with who is the host???

I was host…

At least you can do them… :sob:


Same thing. I got invited to a raid and got 125 mamotherium DNA.

The incubator does say 25 is the minimum DNA so I guess it’s possible to get more than that

It’s crazy, and although it’s very nice for me, I can’t understand why I got so much more dna.
Here’s the proof


We found out that there is a small chance at bonus DNA over what the minimum shows. It’s random though and has nothing to do with who performed what role in the battle. Not sure I’m a big fan of this tbh, especially with the Legendary, Apex, and Unique Raids.


Regardless, for the time and effort it takes to get a group together and then fight it, I feel that 25 is just way too little. I would of been happy with 50, I already know you have a slightly higher chance at extra dna, but 25 minimum to 120 is nearly 5 times more…

I’m happy for @Schtemty, don’t get me wrong.


Yeah I get that. I got 125 in the one I did while another member got 25. That’s not even 1 fuse on Lania. I think the minimum should be increased a little bit and the random additional taken away. Or decrease the most you can get. I know someone else that got 150 from it.


150? That’s nuts.

Agreed, if the minimum was at least one fuse, that would be fine with me.

I’m kinda worried about the rewards for the other ones now…

I dont even want to imagine same happens with Mortem…some 25 or less and others more than a 100

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I’d flip my lid.

same here as well…
i fought in an alliance group earlier on today and we finally managed to take down the mammotherium boss but when the rewards were issued i received 150 x mammotherium dna while others in the group only got 50, 75, and last player got 90.?. go figure something sure is screwy with the way rewards are given out as far as i knew everyone participating in the raid got an even amount ( same for everyone ) of dinosaur dna regardless of which type it was.?.

My alliance member just got this!! :flushed:


Maybe it random or just glitch

Why are you doing this to me? :sob:

Good job for them though.

Ugh… Someone needs to put the salt shaker away.