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Different rewards in raids

All they need to do is give the same random reward to all 4 players, or however many are in the raid. They can still keep the RNG factor.

All they had to do was to give us the same reward after the same defeats.

Or had thought of another way of unlocking mortem rex.

7 weeks of minimum reward, at this point im just numb to it, and kinda wanna see how long i can go with the lowest reward :joy::+1:


Haha that’s awful man. I’m at 85 currently.

I’m at 60 :confused:

You will probably get the next Apex dino before Mortem :frowning:

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I Reach 100

I’m currently on 85. SHould have it unlocked between 28th Oct - 16th Dec.

If we’re lucky and they dont change the raid bosses. I’ll unlock mine sometime next year if I stay around that long.

And here we go again… another succesful victory against mortem: 15 DNA

And good news! No feedback yet from Ludia!

Oh, these aren’t good news… just the “always no news”.

Update, finally got something higher than the minimum !:eyes::star_struck:

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Wooooooow, we both the same amount of DNA.

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I got 25 this week, which means my unlock target now changes to 28th Oct - 9th Dec. :grinning:

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Woo got 20 this week!

Unlock target still: 28th Oct - 9th Dec. :grinning:

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And another week. Second Mortem defeated me in the PvP.

Another consecutive week receiving kind of bare minimum.

Next week an alliance member will have Mortem Level 27.

This means it is 130+80 DNA ahead from me and even more different from those receiving strictly the minimum.

One of the biggest RNG jokes Ludia has done…



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Got 20 again this week, my unlock window now reduces to 28th Oct - 2nd Dec! :grinning:

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Wow I’m late to this thread.
In the second or third week of mortem raids, I got a 160.
That’s just sad because we used the haast eagle g2 strat and I just brought the eagle. My team essentially carried me and all they got was 10s

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You thought that was bad? Just wait for it.
The next two weeks, I got 50s. Meaning that in a total of 3 weeks, I got 260 mortem dna. After this Ludia updated the max to be 30.
After three more weeks of getting the minimum amount, I unlocked mortem.
Now that’s really crazy on it’s own, but it gets worse when you think about the fact that I’m only level 15 and average around 3500 cups.
I went a little boost crazy with mortem(8 health, 10 attack, and 4 speed)
and my trophy count went from 3500 to over 4500.
Now you may think I love this but, I don’t. It takes the fun out of the game when you can one-shot everything. I also didn’t particularly enjoy getting hammered every time I didn’t get mortem. So at least till more people get mortem he’s benched.


Hopefully all the low-level players who unlock it (there can’t be that many anyway) have the same philosophy.