Different rewards in raids

Sino last night brother got 190 I got 50 don’t know what others got cause they were in my friends list so they are on the forums

Yeah, different rewards based on random chance suck. why did they think that would be a good thing?
Anywhere from 25-300 i assume is nuts. everyone should get the same reward. bump the reward up and remove the random chance of gaining more.


Or at least not have it be such a huge range.

Maybe 50-100

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Now that is a perfect way to smash a phone…to try for 2.5 hours to find a match with Mortem Rex…beat it and take 25 dna…and see a photo here someone with more than 200


275! That’s insane

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This much difference is really unfair. We’re talking about weeks or even months of grinding


Couldn’t agree more Arnold. That was about 6 hours of my day trying to get a working raid for 25 DNA and seeing 275 smarts…

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I don’t know what they were thinking having the gap be thay huge

Ok i know why it not equal
Because it say minimum dna
Someone get 275 that just lucky

I got this :open_mouth:image


This why it say minimum dna 25 :sob:

Oh my goodness!!

Yes, except when my husband and I finished the raid we opened the rewards together and then after it said neither of us had done the raid. He only got 25 but it somehow glitched both of us! I Have contacted ludia. I’m very upset

imagine getting 400 mortem :heart_eyes:


I’d cry. Lol

Wow…this is so unfair.

I came back to playing because I love the game and wanted to see this new update. Ludia is making it very hard for me to stay. Many aspects of this update are good, but things like this coupled with older yet-to-be-solved problems…I dunno if I can convince myself to continue.

Like someone said above, giving me 25 and someone else 400 literally saved that person months of time or added months of time to my play however you look at it. Wow, just wow. Imagine getting only 6.25% of the alliance rewards while others get 100% for…absolutely no reason at all. Imagine if all my attacks were, again for no reason at all, reduced by 93.75% while my opponent gets no reduction. Omg this company makes THE WORST decisions.

What you get in incubators is always up to chance. There’s no saying that you won’t get lucky next time. Everyone is bound to get lucky at some point. I’m sure you won’t be saying it’s unfair when it’s your turn.

I have never heard of a 93.75% difference in incubator rewards.

And yes I say this is unfair regardless of who benefits, I am not shallow. I want the game to be fair and fun for everyone.

As well, we have no idea how often this will occur and at random means no, you or I may never see more than the minimum or maybe double at best. So there is little reason currently to assume you will ever get lucky any time. I seriously hope you are not implying this type of discrepancy is ok or welcomed.


I found with the raid battles the invites count toward the room being full. So if you invite someone and they don’t answer or deny it then you are out of that spot. This is just what it seems like

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Yep, I figured that too