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Different shades of Immunity might breed variety


Like most people, I would love to see or run a variety of dinos, especially in Aviary. I’m sure it is a struggle to get 20+ dinos nicely balanced and usable and end game viable. I feel like quite a few dinos and very good but fall just short. It would be nice for Ludia to give some dinos specific passive abilities. Right now dinos are either immune from everything or they are not. Some dinos would be way overpowered if given Immunity, like Megalosuchus for example.

But if Ludia would break up Immunity into specific components that would give them more tools to balance dinos. Give some that are on the cusp of being viable that little nudge to get more players to vary their strike team.

Some dinos unable to be slowed could be “Relentless”
“HardHeaded” could be immune from stuns
Maybe “Savage” could be impossible to distract or something like that.


I like ur idea, and hope ludia will take it for consideration.


I would much prefer this.

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Exactly my thoughts.

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Upvote. Take all my upvotes.

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This would do well to break up the monotony

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Definitely. T-Rex (both Gen) and Tarbosaurus definitely should be a “Savage”, so they have a reason to be played over Thoradolosaurus and Trykosaurus (but the latter would still be better in 1 v 1 and against certain endgame dinos)


If Ludia implemented this many people wouldn’t bother getting legendary and unique dinos. That wouldn’t be very beneficial to them as people wouldn’t spend money on fusing to get those end game dinos.


I was not suggesting it be to make common dinos on par with Uniques. But giving certain Dinos limited immunity would allow them to be move viable vs very select dinos.

For example, Grypolyth is used by exatly 0 people right now. If the thing coudn’t be stunned it would handle tragod, Monostegotops, Diloracheirus, Stegoceratops, Rinex, Thor much better or at least give it a better chance, all those dinos are run extensively. This might spur a few people to run it on their team. No need to make it completely OP for someone to use it. Just make it a bit more appealing.


Almost forgot, If Grypolyth couldn’t be stunned and has lockdown It would be pretty handy against Dracoceratops… that would make it attractive to all the DC haters out there. haha

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Oddly Ive been meaning to post something similar… I like the way you broke it all down


It would be a great tool for Ludia to allow certain dinos to have certain matchup advantages without disrupting others. Any dino that doesn’t rely on stunning would see their matchups un-affected. In the above example. And that is just an example. I’m not trying to ballance the game on this post just giving an example.

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Your other statement is true as well, it allows fringe dinos to find a niche

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Ludias own current strategy isnt beneficial to them thats why this game is so far down on too grossibg charts.

The whales in this game have 1.6 top dinos at level cap or close to it with the exception of magna for some. But a few have it at cap too. Which means the coins they currently have accumulated are will continue to accumulate dont have to be spent on anything and can be saved for leveling next patchs top dinos

Unless they decided to work on a side project they have little to spend coins on. With more viabale dinos we could develop a meta like we do now and and the ability to develop a counter meta teams… and if were really lucky a team that beats the counter meta teams but loses to the original meta team.

Thats what a healthy meta would be… and we would need 30-40 viable dinos to get there.

Stuff like what the op is suggesting and stuff like team synergy bonuses would be a great way to help get us their.

Team synergy bonuses is something I think could be real cool. Say 1x counter attack synergy where if your whole team is 1x counter attackers they gain 10% health… 15% damage reduction 15% counter attack bonuses.

Pretty powerful stuff… but the flip side is do to the random nature of team selection youd have to be running 8 1x counter attackers.

This allows you to get a diverse meta without addressing the unique vs everything else power levels. It would need to be done to a point that team bonus are on a equal level of the current meta teams. This way teams of full uniques are still an option. Uniques could also add to their team set bonuses to give more incentives to make them rather then just power creep. Say having indo on a team of evasive stance dinos increases chance to dodge to 60%. While having magna on a team of immunes gives every dino a swap in nullify effect. When magna or indo dies during the battle all other team members lose the unique bonuses.

Add the ops idea along with mine and we have a ton of different team building options… how many more coins would we need to be able to play with all these bonuses.


I like this idea.
Different kinds if immunity would be nice.
Like apatosaurus could have all types of immunity, along with more health.


Apato should get a new attack too… Tail whip- deal 2x dmg to all opponents dinos not in play, ignore armor


I really like these ideas.