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Different vibrations

Can we have different vibrations for the different rarity cause sometimes I’m on the bus I have a vibrations than I think it’s most likely a common but when I click out I see a lux and when I want to get it it despawn…
Common 1s vibration
Rare 2s vibrations
Epic 3s vibrations
Leg 2 vibrate


Great idea! And preferably also the option to switch it off completely :wink:
My 15 month old phone has vibrated so much with all these giga scents that the vibration seems to get some power fluctuations every now and then.

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this will never ever happen. one thing i will do if i get rich is buy ludia for the only reason to turn off the vibration in the code.

it could be good, vibration only on your wanted dino, epics, whatever. but people have been requesting this 15 minute coding fix for years…