Differentiate between Invincibility & Shield

I face this scenario against Alankylosaur when I do not have a nullifying/defense shattering move (Stegodeus!!!) It especially becomes confusing when Shield is used immediately followed by Invincibility. Just need to visually identify what is on.

P.S. Let me know if there’s some other way to identify it, as of 1.4


Not sure if there is any diff btw invincibility n defence shield visual, or at least I can’t tell them apart :smile:
Wat I do is I always tap the opp dino b4 the battle starts n chk out wat moveset is available to the opp dino.
If the dino has both shield n invincibility, then I’ll pay more attention n look out for the invincibility move, I believe the game display the name of the move when it’s used, so at least u know if your next attack will register or not.

Invincibility is just 100% shield…
It can be bypassed with nullifying or defense shattering attacks

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Great idea maybe a shield made of different colour pop up for invincibility

I agree on this. You now can see what kind of shield is when you hit the dino and you can see either no damage at all (invincibility) or some damage made (50% shield) if you don’t take count on how many times you hit the shield.

Honestly I suck on remember everything when battling so I feel you, maybe it is better to see to kind of shields, one for 100% shield (maybe the one already here) and another animation for 50% shield like I don’t know a little smaller one.

I experienced a glitch I think cause sometimes when using megalosuco shield, it is smaller than the usual shield so I am puzzled but I see that it is indeed a 50% shield so I don’t know maybe are they already testing this? :thinking:

Shields do glitch and remain when they shouldn’t just like other effects during battle, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.
They could make different kind of shields look different but I hope they don’t. I like it better that my opponents just need to pay closer attention to what moves are played.

Sometimes defense shattering works! Nullify is a guaranteed move DS doesn’t always get through the invincible!

I’ve actually never had this issue.
Defense shattering always goes through invincibility/100% shield for me

Do you remember which dinos were in play?

Anklycodon should be fixed if that’s what your referring to, nothing stops defense shattering now as it should be!!

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Maybe I am thinking of cloak

I like the idea