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Difficulty Getting Assistance from Support

I have been having difficulty receiving assistance from support. I have encountered a few issues related to PvP matchmaking. I have had no luck getting assistance. I have attempted to reach support here in the forums and through in-game help and support.

I attempted to tag support staff via the following thread:

Unfortunately no response was provided.

Additionally I attempted to raise the same issues through the in-game help and support messenger.

Unfortunately neither of these avenues offered any assistance. Does anyone know of another method available to contact support?

Thank you Marek for deleting my initial post rather than allowing me to edit it. Deleting my posts has provided the opportunity to redress the issue in a manner which will appear more favorable to Ludia.

Let me start by foreclosing Ludia is an amazing company with the world’s greatest coders; even the dude wearing the Waldo hat is awesome at his job. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion I somehow discovered a very subtle bug which is resulting in ToM mismatching.

There is currently an entire thread on such issues [which i will not identify to remain in compliance with forum rules] in which I have tagged and requested assistance from support. No response was provided. Something must be amiss because support is always prompt and active. Perhaps it was inadvertently overlooked.

Additionally, I raised match-making issues through in-app help and support [I will not quote the derelict response here to remain in compliance with forum rules] Perhaps the response from in-app support was a typo.

This being said I am still looking for assistance. Marek is there any chance you can locate a response to my concerns?

I have re-read the from rules and I am confident this re-post conforms.

Oddly, attempts to repost this topic are being blocked because this post is too similar to a previous post. I suppose it is referring to the one previously moderated. This paragraph has been added to alter the post enough so that It can be posted again.